Love INC is different and not easy to define and articulate to others in a few words. Often people think they understand what Love INC is after hearing a little about it. Often they do not understand. In order to help people better grasp why Love INC is different from other ministries, Love INC has identified 10 areas that define what Love INC is and why we are different. They help define who we are and the way we operate. How other organizations do their ministry is valid and valuable, and we honor that, but we do ministry differently because we are called to do it differently. These 10 areas are our non-negotiable differences and we call them our Missional Integrity Key Indicators. All Love INC affiliates must exhibit these characteristics in order to be part of the Love INC Movement. They ensure that the integrity of the vision, mission and core values of Love INC are maintained throughout the Movement.
Love INC is an explicitly Christian organization and ministry. All churches participating in the network of local churches comprising a Love INC affiliate must be Christian as defined traditionally and historically by Christians over the centuries. All staff, board and volunteers of a Love INC affiliate must be professing Christians willing to agree to the Apostles' Creed, as it has been interpreted historically and traditionally by Christians.
Love INC believes in showing the unity of the Body of Christ to the world through local churches working together to address needs in their community. This unity is about unity of purpose – showing the Love of Christ to a hurting world – not about unity of theology. Within the parameters of being Christian, as traditionally and historically defined, all Christian churches within a community are welcome to participate in the Love INC network. However, that participation requires each church and each volunteer to be gracious to every other church and volunteer and park their theological and social stances at the door. When involved in Love INC, we are united in our purpose of serving and ministering to those in need in the community and do not allow theological or social debates to distract from this unity of purpose. The people we serve are watching us; let them see our care, not our contentions.
One of the most valuable Kingdom resources we have is prayer. Prayer is integral to who we are and permeates everything we do. Nothing should be initiated without praying first. All Love INC meetings should open with prayer. All Love INC clients should be prayed for (and with if they desire it.) Each workday should start with prayer. As the Apostle Paul said; pray without ceasing.
Love INC is a partnership of churches, not a partnership with churches. Love INC does not and cannot exist without the churches of the community being actively involved. A Love INC affiliate is only created when local churches in a community come together to initiate the process. And a Love INC affiliate ceases to be a Love INC when local churches are no longer actively involved. Love INC is church driven and exists only to aid the churches in mobilizing their members to service. Love INC exists to serve the church; the church does not exist to serve Love INC.

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