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Jobs For Life

In 2012 Bridges of Love adopted the Jobs For Life program as the main component to our relational ministry. For us, giving away a lot of free stuff wasn’t transforming lives. To do that we needed to invest in people, long term. Relational ministry isn’t a one time transaction.  We recruit the students from those clients who were calling multiple times looking for someone else to pay their expenses for  basic living needs. As the program continued, many students were also referred to us by previous students or mentors or church partners after they saw the successes. 

Jobs for Life is a 16 week program, hosted at an area church who partners with us to provide meals for all the participants, childcare programs for the students children, and some of the mentors who will walk alongside each student. 

In five years, the following Churches have partnered with us, some with multiple programs: 

Rainier View Church

Graham Evangelical Covenant Church

Pilgrim Lutheran Church

South Lake shore Church

Cornerstone Community Church with South Hill Baptist Church

Tacoma Christian Reformed Community Church


In the class each student does a career assessment, overcoming roadblocks, resume writing workshop, training on current technology to apply for positions online, interviewing practice, a 60 second commercial and a vocational plan for their future. 

This program is not a job placement program. We educate, encourage and support our students to help them be all God created them to be. To walk alongside of them, showing them who God say’s they are. 

It is nightly teaching, sometimes showing stories in the bible like Joseph’s story and how he overcame the roadblocks in his life to be who God created him to be, and how no matter what job he had, he worked as if he was working for God, doing his best. 


Here is a link for people who are interested in being a student in the program: 



Other ministries at the link below to help meet unmet needs. 




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