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There are so many ways to get involved – there is always a place for you! The amazing thing about the Body of Christ working together is that there is no talent that is unneeded, no service that goes overlooked. Take a look through some of the ways you can join the movement right now!


Love INC's main focus is on building relationships and helping with service oriented projects. Fill out the application and one of our client managers will call you to complete the intake process. We only provide referrals once per year to churches for other financial assistance. *NOTE* We only provide services for residents of Pierce County, WA, USA.


In today’s world of giving, we know that you could have chosen to partner with many other worthy causes, but you choosing to work with us. You are making the choice to partner with your neighbors in need, helping to give a hand up instead of a hand out.


Love In the Name of Christ Pierce County exists to unify the Body of Christ, meeting the needs of our neighbors. Since 2002, we have been privileged to serve over 33,000 families in the county, impacting countless more lives. Today, we have 6 staff members, a Clearinghouse, Christian Bookstore, various Gap Ministries, and over 100 local church partners.